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  • Other than specific customer service or follow-up emails, IAG ordinarily never sends more than one email per month unless the user has requested more frequent notifications or subscriptions.
  • IAG does not share email addresses or personal information.
  • Email addresses are used only for the purpose requested.
  • You may have received an email from IAG to follow-up from a webinar or course you attended, whitepaper you downloaded, or because you registered on one of IAG's websites, or requested information, or you may have worked on, or been a stakeholder in, a recent IAG project.
  • This unsubscribe request relates to IAG's informational emails. To unsubscribe from other services (such as LinkedIn, ProjectWorkPlace, etc.) please go to those sites.
  • If you have unsubscribed above and are still receiving unwanted email, please contact us at 1-800-209-3616 or at contact us.